Forced Introspection

Okay, here we are on the third day of my blog updates and I am writing this on my iPad in my FileMaker database. Turns out the Internet is down so I can’t post from where I am. But I can write a post I will add to the blog later. (Which I have now done.)

So where do I want to go today? I think I want to summarize what I reviewed for my business plan last evening.

  • When I read Business Model Generation and Blue Ocean Strategy back in December after the FastTrac course ended, I didn’t realize they would take so long to turn into something real. I had dozens of ideas but most of them can’t be started just yet. I need to start smaller.
  • Developing this tool on a Mac to run on an iPad or iPhone is an eye opening experience. I gave up on iPad and iPhone layouts two months ago because I didn’t actually have a working tool. Now that I have a tool, I realize that fitting on the iPad screen isn’t going to cut it. I need a whole new set of layouts that don’t show up on the Mac unless I am testing them.
  • But if I develop layouts for iPad and iPhone, they might be the basis of a startup business independent of the larger idea I want to develop. (Boy, do I need a wireless keyboard now!!!)

So what does this mean? It means I need to rethink my strategy before my trip in two weeks. What can I do with a business plan that is just for this tool? Can I develop the startup for just this tool and get that company going and work on that other business on the side? Can I split my time between to routine and pragmatic for part of the day and do the visionary and innovative the other part of the day?

Guess it is decision time.

But that is the advantage of having broken the problem up into smaller pieces. I can go develop one piece all by itself. I don’t have to do the big hairy business plan yet. I can learn how to start up a business by starting up a tiny software business that only has one product. If people buy it, GREAT!!!  But the experience for me will be the reason for doing it. And it will be a much smaller and tighter business plan.

Isn’t deliberate practice great?


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