Feedback on Deliberate Practice

An opportunity to spend time with my wife came this morning when she asked if I wanted to give her a ride to physical therapy. The driving range I go to is nearby, so I said yes. When I got to the range, I had an idea about how to get my iPhone set up in a better position for shooting video of my golf swing. I just taped the phone (in its protective case) to the tripod I had brought along using some of the tape I once used to prevent blisters on my fingers.

It took some good pictures. My swing is in the same plane now, and when it is dialed in I really hit the ball well, with all my clubs.

The tool I’m building for myself in FileMaker Pro 11 is doing the same kind of thing. Every time I go work on some task (habit) I have assigned to the agenda for the day, I have an opportunity to document what I was feeling before, during and after I did the work. It’s mostly trivial stuff, but sometimes good ideas pop up out of nowhere.

Do you have any system for capturing feedback for your deliberate practice? Do you even think about doing deliberate practice?

Read “Talent Is Overrated” by Geoff Colvin to get hint of why Malcolm Gladwell mentioned 10,000 hours to mastery in “Outliers”.


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