Jumping Into An Estuary of Ideas

This morning doing one of my routines, I came across an earlier entry about jumping into a river of ideas. The context was the New Status Quo, and here is what my notes said at the time:

  • When people follow me, they may think the way we do things is going to stay the same. But what they will be doing is jumping into a river of ideas that will keep moving. I probably need to explain that upfront.

Since I wrote that comment several months ago, I’ve come to realize that the river might be more like estuary, and estuary of ideas sounds nicer as well. I haven’t blogged about the range of ideas I intend to integrate into my method, but it’s easily fifty different ideas from other authors. And they all work together to get things done in diffferent ways, many of which will be better ways.

Come back later and find out just how diffferent they will be.


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