Tiny Devices With Big Keyboards

Well, there was a certain amount of drama today getting to Houston. My sister called as I was driving to the airport, telling me she would not be able to come on the trip. Her gall bladder is acting up and she may have surgery tomorrow. But Mother and I kept up the campaign and met up in Charlotte.

Of course, it wasn’t actually that easy. My plane got delayed and Mother was coming in on the far side of the airport from our gate for Houston. I was a 10 minute walk away. They got a cart to take Mother to the gate and I arrived just as they were boarding her. I thought I was going to be able to sit with her in First Class, but when my sister cancelled her reservation they released her seat. So I ended up back in coach, where I would have been anyway.

Not having slept all that well last night, I was out like a light once the plane left the ground. An hour out of Houston, a flight attendant woke me up and Mother is there asking if I want to sit in First Class seat. There is too much breeze, and it is blowing on her. Of course I took her up on the offer. In my seat, there was less breeze for the athlete, who needs to preserve her strength for the events on Wednesday and Thursday.

We eventually got through baggage claim in Houston and got our rental car, a nice Ford Taurus. Found a Wendy’s to have dinner and got lost a couple of times trying to find the hotel. But it’s an adventure after all so we’re taking it in stride. We checked in, and after two tries got a room with two beds. All is well and relatively quiet, but Mother will probably wake up early and we’ll be at it all over again. She’s 89 and I can’t keep up with her.

However, doing this post seems to confirm my capability for blog posting with just my iPhone. The wireless keyboard is very nice. I think I’ll have to get one to keep, as I borrowed this one from a friend who went to Finland for five weeks. She may be in St Petersburg Russia by now. Everyone is traveling.

But back to the title of this post. I didn’t think it would work to use my iPhone for WordPress because the keyboard is so small. But a wireless keyboard is as good as my laptop. And it doesn’t weigh six pounds or make my legs hot when the battery is charging. I think I will be able to keep up this new habit quite nicely while I am away. Might even figure out how to add a picture to the blog, though I won’t try that today.

Sometimes technology just works. Not to sound like a broken record, but Apple products just work, and just work together. I can’t imagine using an Android and having this easy a time.

And so I end for the evening. I’ll post come comment about our registration process tomorrow, and maybe add some pictures of the hotel, downtown Houston, and the swimming venue. It’s much different from Palo Alto two years ago. That was idyllic (I didn’t know idyllic had two i’s at the end!) Houston is hot and may be hotter later in the week. It might be cooler when we get to California. But that is not until Saturday.

Running out of steam now. Only 10pm and I am falling asleep already. Got a big day ahead of us tomorrow so i may as well go to bed.

Night all. Sweet dreams.


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