Ideas Building On Ideas

Yesterday down by the pool, I was trying to watch a TED talk by Charles Leadbeater. It was recorded back in 2005 and posted in 2007. I can’t figure out how to add a link from my iPhone so you’ll have to work it out yourself until I get back home and update this.

Anyway, here I am typing on my wonderful little keyboard watching text show up on my iPhone screen right there in the WordPress application. I bet it is even saving my updates every minute or so because the regular online version works that way. And why would an iOS version work any different.

(Excuse the aside, but someone out in the lobby of the atrium just started yodeling, making me want to get up and join them. But I suspect it will wake Mother. Guess I better stick to my task for the evening.)

Anyway, about three minutes into this talk by Charles Leadbeater, he starts talking about how “pro-am” efforts are changing product development. Very serious amateurs are coming up with ideas and just making them work. His description of collaboration hit me a different way, and made me remember some ideas I had when I was still working for a big company. No one there could understand them then and I suspect that even with Facebook and Twitter as examples I could quote now, they still wouldn’t get it. It’s something so innovative it boggles even my mind, and that is saying something.

Anyway, the idea builds on the current set of tools I want to build for individuals, and is only possible because of what will happen when a few dozen people have mastered the discipline required. That is when the magic happens, in several different ways. See how many of these ideas you think are impossible, and then stop for a moment and realize I am only sharing the ones I am not worried anyone could steal. Part of my confidence is that no one would ever believe I could find twenty people who would want to work as hard as I think we could work. Another part is that the initial premise is so far beyond the experience anyone has seen even on an extreme reality program. And that starting point is what we show people who are still outside of our reality distortion field.

Does the concept of this interest you?

I have no idea, so let’s try a little test. If the premise I have suggested above is something you want to hear more about, just add a comment to this blog posting. If more than three people want to hear more, I will say more about this. If not, then it isn’t time, and I will have learned something.

But trust me, if we ever make a movie of this, it won’t be anything like “The Social Network”. It will be a lot more fun and it will happen a lot faster. And doing it with friends or interested bystanders would be something I think we could test, if only to validate the basic principles.

Anyone want to find out more? Or am I talking to myself?


One Response to “Ideas Building On Ideas”

  1. Kat Nagel Says:

    Sounds interesting, John. Tell me more.

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