Reversing Perspective

This evening as I got out my wireless keyboard to write this post, I realized there wasn’t enough room on the book I was using as a lap desk for my iPhone. Or rather, there wasn’t enough room if I wanted to be comfortable and also see the keyboard. So I moved the keyboard higher, up close to my knees, and put the iPhone between my hands, below the keyboard.

Problem solved.

How often do we reverse problems and find a solution that wasn’t obvious the usual way we do things? I think that this failing is part of our status quo addiction. We find something that works and stick with it, never pushing beyond to something that might be better. We are happy with good enough because better seems like too much trouble. Or work.

I don’t remember who said it, but there is a quote that really gets it right. Paraphrasing, the problem with setting the bar low is not that you will fail but that you will succeed and never know you could have done more. How many of us coast along through life, stepping over bars that are barely above our knees, when we are quite capable of clearing something at eye-level?

I suppose this is where my “failurist manifesto” comes up again. I would rather test my limits and fail doing something really hard than succeed doing something so easy I could do it in my sleep, because that probably means I have been doing it in my sleep.

What opportunities did you miss today because you were on cruise control? What could you do better that would nudge you toward a better future?


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