We are driving back from the airport and I find it difficult to comprehend what is going around me. Two conversations are happening and I am not participating in either. The smog is not so bad that I can’t see the mountains, but neither is it clear enough to tell which range is which. All sorts of stimulation, but no order to it. I want to surrender.

Maybe I have been avoiding the reality of starting a business. It will be a lot of work, and there are no guarantees it will succeed much less survive. Why bother? Who needs the aggravation?

If I am honest with myself, I need the aggravation. I am coasting along on three cylinders getting great gas mileage, but going nowhere in particular. Is it just restlessness from reduced stress while on vacation or is there some deeper reason for my uneasiness?

I think it must be the glimpses of a better future that I have experienced in the past that I can see again just over the horizon. Those earlier dreams are no longer out of reach because I control my own schedule and destiny. I just need to get on with my business plan and quit avoiding the inevitable. Yes there is a lot to do, but I have a pretty good tool to help me plan and manage the work. I should narrow my focus again and start selling tiny little tools that do pieces of the bigger solution. Get some cash coming in and demonstrate to partners and investors that this idea will work.

And ignore the barriers that are not relevant. Just do well what I know how to do. Advertise for people to help me and see who wants to help.

So think about what you would want to do for a startup company that will be operating virtually. What skills do you have that I could use? Write one sentence, no more than 25 words, that will make me reply “Tell me more,” Be ready to write a paragraph if you get that note. No more than five sentences and 75 words. If I reply “Tell me more” a second time, we should probably talk in person or on the phone.

What will be in it for you? I need to figure that out over the next three weeks. I probably have some time because I don’t have that many readers. Buy maybe a few of them will want to start changing the world, one small town at a time.

Anyone want to help?


One Response to “Overload”

  1. Kat Nagel Says:

    25 years documenting software/hardware/business processes.
    Passion for usability and visual design.
    3 phrases, but still under 25 words.

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