Seth Godin Hits Another Home Run

This morning when I woke up, I checked my mail and there was my daily inspiration from Seth Godin. His blog post, which gets distributed via email for convenience, was about the “attention economy.” Reading it, I realized that I was missing out on a number of opportunities because I’m developing the tools my business will offer to people. I’m paying attention to the tool rather than paying attention to potential customers. But the biggest mistake is that I may be paying too much attention to the one customer I don’t have to sell to – myself. I’m going to build these tools for myself regardless of whether I launch my business this year. I am my own research and development laboratory, as well as my own research subject. I figure that if I’m not satisfied with the things I’m building, no one else would like them.

This might be meaningful if everyone I was selling my ideas to was at the same place that I am, or rather that I think I am. I’m an innovative guy who tends to look at new ideas as opportunities to “do things no one else is doing,” which is Level 6 Change, so I can go in the direction of “do things that can’t be done,” which is Level 7 Change. I forget that other people aren’t starting from the same place. They don’t have a history of change going back 40 days, much less 40 years.

I’m not paying attention to their needs. I need to look at this whole enterprise as something that starts back at Level 1, “do the right things.” No one is going to jump in to the river of changes I am offering without a support system that helps them find their own right things to do, so they can define their own right ways to do them, and them make their own improvements, then do away with their own obstacles, and figure out what they can copy from others. That puts them in a place they may have never been before, where they can take advantage of opportunities no one else sees, so they can do things other people think are impossible, but they understand.

That is what I am going to pay attention to so my partners can overcome their status quo addiction. But it doesn’t start with me. It starts with others, which might be you.

I’m listening to you now. I’m paying attention. What do you have to say about this?


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