Where To Start?

Yesterday I got feedback from one of you about the idea of a hierarchical todo list manager. Kathy liked the idea, and I trust her technical instincts, so I’m going to figure out how to include her in the development of a “lite” version of my Deming Habits Tool. But before I get to that, I need to do a wholesale re-evaluation of everything I’ve done thus far. There is too much for an iPhone app, and the big prototype I have now is just to slow on an iPad, so I think I need to scale back my expectations and do a version that will run on an iPhone but also work on an iPad and a laptop. The first two versions will be FileMaker Pro 11 files that anyone can open with FileMaker Go. The laptop version will be a runtime version of the same program, but “compiled” so people can’t change it. For who want to go to the expense of buying FileMaker Pro 11, the application will be the same, but they won’t be able to modify the source code or the layouts. They will be able to import changes they have made on their iPhone or iPad versions however.

Now, I haven’t shown anyone except family and friends what this thing looks like because it is still evolving. I’m not going to show it here either. Use your imagination a bit, and see if this outline makes sense. Excuse the lack of bullets; I’m doing this on my iPad.

Home Screen – where everything starts

  • Items – the hierarchical part of the system that manages items that are organized as lists within lists
  • Dates – nothing more than a list of dates to which habits can be assigned as agenda items
  • Habits – a list of things you want to change about yourself, classified in a variety of ways so you can decide when and how to assign them to Dates
  • Parameters – lists you can define for yourself, if you find the lists I give you insufficient for classifying your Items and Habits
  • Constants – lists I define for you because you need them to use the system, though you may not know it yet
  • Statistics – data about the data you have entered into the system, summarized in a variety of useful ways

Can anyone think of anything else you would want in a checklist or todo list manager on steroids? Create Items. Associate Habits to them. Add Habits to Dates and see the results from Items. There are a bunch of other things as well, but let’s see if we agree on these to start with.

If this only makes sense to Kathy, my job will be a lot easier. But it means I need to look a little deeper and figure out why I’m not connecting with more people. I can’t imagine anything simpler than this, but you might help me recognize something I’m missing.

Any takers?


One Response to “Where To Start?”

  1. Kat Nagel Says:

    You need to get more people to read your blog posts about this.
    1. Encourage your Facebook Friends to share the links. Yeah, there’s that link at the bottom, but most people don’t share stuff unless they’re reminded. Adding a comment of your own to the FB status, like: “Read. Share on Facebook and Twitter. Comment.”
    2. Refer to the penultimate word in item #1. Do you have a Twitter account? If so, post links to your blog posts there. And tell me what your Twitter handle is, so I can follow and retweet the links. (Do you have any idea how many John Kerrs there are on Twitter? I got through three pages of ’em looking for you, and then gave up.
    3. Bribe me with lunch, and I’ll toss out a few more ideas .

    Kat Nagel
    (not Kathy, please)

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