Authors Who Inspire Me

I’m still a little tired from the flight home, so today I’m going to focus on people who give me inspiration in various ways. To make this easier, I’m actually going to keep this post short and develop a new section on this blog where I highlight the authors I have come to appreciate for the ideas I get as a result of reading their work. Two I have already talked about are Seth Godin and James Altucher. Go to my About page and you’ll see links to the others I have added. I’ll try to devote a future post to each of them and document a specific insight I’ve gotten from their work.

(30 minutes later)

Well, that didn’t turn out as I hoped. I was able to create a category for Inspiration, and a post about Seth Godin, but I can’t figure out how to put things in it. Maybe a Page doesn’t work the same way as a post. So, knowing what I do, and having limited time available, I’m going to move the “page” I created to a “post” and associate it with Inspiration. Maybe I can figure out the other approach later.

Anyone with WordPress experience have any ideas how to do what I just described in a more effective way?


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