Inspiration From All Directions

What makes you stop and think? Are you connected to periodic news feeds from sources you trust? Do you read the newspaper every morning? Does a magazine challenge you to look at the world around you in a different light?

I sometimes forget that other people don’t want to change their world view. They are quite happy to believe the same things as adults that they did as children, in spite of shifts culture and society have made around them. Admitting their perspective on a subject is dated makes them feel like they have been wrong, and admitting they are wrong means they have failed at something, and failing is a sign of weakness. No one wants to admit they are weak, though weaknesses are what make us human, because weaknesses require conscious decisions.

I feel so lucky for my life, because it has given me courage to try things I think might work better for me. This courage does not extend to food however; there are many things I remember tasting at some point in the past that I do not wish to taste again. Mayonnaise, ketchup, and mustard are three; salad dressings are others. But give me a peek at a book about something even peripherally related to engineering, science or business and I will figure out a way to integrate it into the method I am developing. I can’t help it. I’m addicted to change. I’m not satisfied with the status quo; I want my own status quo proxima. But being a blabbermouth, I want to tell anyone who will listen what I’ve discovered. The news must be shouted from the hilltops, and spread through every valley. Everyone must have be told their future could be different if they are willing to work harder than they have ever worked in their lives. Dreams others killed need not be out of reach. Failure is no longer an opponent; it can be an ally, or even a friend.

Knowing what works is good, but I think knowing what doesn’t work is better. If you can only pick from a tool box of things that have worked for you in the past, you may not have that many options. If you have a wide range of failures or small detours, you might be able to make different choices when things look hard or tricky or new. If you’ve explored different ways to tackle situations, you might find yourself more flexible in routine situations. Opportunities might appear where none were visible in the past. Alternatives become invitations rather than barriers.

What makes you want to get out of bed and greet the day? Don’t you think tomorrow can be better, simply because you’ll learn something today?


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