Home At Last

After what seems like a month but was barely more than three weeks, I am home for a good long rest. Living out of a suitcase is no fun, as one always knows one will be leaving for some new destination shortly. But the past three weeks have yielded numerous insights, and no fewer than 20 new books. One I bought in Houston kept us occupied all the way to North Carolina, and part of the way back. It was Sway by Ori and Rom Brafman. Numerous ideas from it will be making their way into my method, but I don’t know exactly where they will fit in. Some of their examples feel like they would be great exercises to get people to recognize their motivations, so the question will be how to make them fit.

All that will come in the next few weeks, as I get back to working on my prototype tool and the business plan to start up my business in a formal way. I think the books I want to write will happen sooner than I thought, and that they will be shorter, and that they might be self published. There are a couple of friends who might be good editors, so I need to bring them into the picture sooner rather than later.

So many things to organize! I can’t wait to get started. My family obligations are out of the way. The client who owed me money may have sent a check. All sorts of ideas are spinning around in my head so I may as well get on with it for real.

I’m home again. My battery is recharged. Push has come to shove. Or maybe I should borrow a title from Seth Godin and paraphrase: Push has come to ShipIt!


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