Doubts Vs Aliens

Over the weekend, I saw Cowboys vs Aliens and wondered if my glasses were fogging up. It was as if the lamp in the projector was going bad. Even the daylight scenes were somewhat dim. In the end, I enjoyed the movie, but wonder if it would have been better if the image had been clearer.

Are doubts the same kind of hinderance to our progress? Do we start second guessing ourselves when the usual suspects challenge our attempts to change? Is that why new ideas keep us addicted to the status quo? Is there any hope for our future as individuals when the news media is so happy to drasticize every negative thing that happens because we all love watching a train wreck, even when we are on the train?

Years ago, my wife and I went to a financial planner and she helped us get started on serious savings through my 401k at work. Then she retired and we got a new planner who wasn’t quite so focused. Then the second person retired as well, and we got a third person who actually wanted to talk with us more than once a year. When the market went down a while back, we had some losses but not as bad as the overall market. When the market started coming back, we were ahead of the game, thanks to dollar-cost-averaging.

Why can’t we connect continuous improvement in our personal lives to the big things we want to do with those lives? I have a “habit in progress” in my planning tool that says Work on business plan. Before I went on vacation back in June, I did something on my plan every day, even if it was just a few minutes. Since I got back, I haven’t done anything. Maybe I need a technique like dollar-cost-averaging in my method, but wait – that would be the discipline I am trying to develop.

So many things get in the way. Right now, it’s a volunteer project I signed up to do before I realized how much time and distance would be involved. The project is good practice for me, but it’s taking time away from what I should be doing, which is getting my business plan ready to take to the bank.

But sitting here writing another random blog post isn’t going to move any of my projects forward. Time to get out of this chair, go for a walk, and then go out and meet the world.


So why didn’t that inspire me? I wrote that last paragraph and nothing happened. Is it doubts about actually being successful with my volunteer project, or the aliens I haven’t seen yet. I made six calls yesterday, and more than half of the people I talked to were positive about buying an ad in our program. One even said she wished other groups would put together such a nice package when they asked her for money.

I should take that as a sign I’m headed in the right direction. I should accept the minor achievement of getting 500 words down in less than 20 minutes and move on with the other things I need to do today.

Wouldn’t you do that if the bulb in your projector needed replacing?


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