Moving On

I just finished Long Fuse, BIG BANG and came to the realization that my big idea isn’t ready for prime time. I don’t understand how the underlying technologies would work. I don’t know how to convince people I have a solution they would need. The list is much longer, but the insight is useful because I realize there is something else I can do instead.

A friend has a business I have helped in the past, and there is an opportunity to do a project for him, at no startup cost for him unless the solution actually works. The technologies I would need to understand to get his solution to work are the same ones I will need to master for my own business idea. The people skills I will need to learn for his business and the relationships his solution will support will help me out on my own project.

But I’m going to do my project later. I need to light a couple of other fuses first. My bang will be much bigger if I just work out the kinks on some smaller projects first.

Where does that leave this blog? I’m not sure yet, but I thought I needed to put a stake in the ground and declare my intentions. Constructing Change is going on hiatus for a bit, as are Deming Habits and the Failurist Manifesto. The tutorials for Things never really went anywhere, so I’m going to drop that entirely.

So where does this leave me when it comes to blog topics? How about starting up a business using the FastTrac methodology from the Kauffman Foundation. I took the course last fall with my wife and went through five iterations of my business idea before settling on the one I’ve been developing all spring and summer. I can sit in (quietly) on the class this fall and start up my new business plan, and write about it here. Of course, I won’t give away any trade secrets or spill any beans, but I think writing about my FastTrac experience would be very helpful to me, and hopefully for some of you as well. You could even sign up for the class, if you ask me where it is being held.

So that’s all there is for today. It’s about four weeks until class starts so I can start going through the book to refresh my thoughts on the subject. Unfortunately, all my notes will be handwritten, in one of those composition books I’ve spoken about in the past. But there will be plenty to talk about here – the process of starting up a business. Maybe more people will follow me if I’m describing something most people could do, if they just had a good book to guide them.

We’ll start in earnest tomorrow.


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