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July 8, 2011

I found a link to an interesting blogger the other day, while checking stock quotes on my iPhone. The guy is James Altucher ( and among other things, he has written and self-published a book. He also has a blog post about self-publishing. You can buy the book on Amazon, download it on your Kindle, or get a download as a PDF, and load it into iBooks on an iOS device.

I read half of his 200-page PDF the first evening on the couch at my cousin’s house, and finished it the second. Then I went back through the book and gathered 10 pages of ideas for my future. That was an unexpected bonus, and I am using one of the hints this morning: I’m editing my post and deleting about half of it.

Some of the people on James’ blog have suggested that he needs an editor and a proof reader, and I agree. But there are some great ideas there, including his suggestion to exercise muscles I had never thought about as muscles. Here are a few, with page numbers from the PDF:

1. Page 93 – Feel Gratitude. I never thought of this as a “muscle”, but after reading his suggestions, I realize I need to do it several times a day, not just once.

2. Page 96 – Mental Exercises. I think the tool I am building is helping me do these, but his suggestions would work for everyone else. You could probably come up with your own list and do a different one every day of the month.

3. Page 99 – Cleanliness. This may be the best argument for washing hands I have ever read. I need to add it to my list of habits. Then I need to add another habit about not picking my nose, and carry a handkerchief instead.

So go read what this guy is writing. I’m going to add him to my daily rotation along with Seth Godin. He is always insightful and frequently gives me ideas for new topics when I’m writing my own blog post.

And I’m going to start using the self-publishing ideas James suggests. I should just got on with it and stop thinking I need permission from someone. Consider the same for your passions.

Go get the book James published a month ago, any way that works for you. When I get home, I’ll update this page so there is a link directly to his page for getting the book. But do it soon. We want to read YOUR book before the end of the summer. I’m sure you have something to say.

What are you waiting for?