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Edge-to-Edge Knowledge

July 18, 2011

This morning, I got an email from Seth Godin about expertise. He was talking about how he was able to read all the science fiction in his local library and cover everyone from Azimov to Zelazny. I have no idea who Zelazny is, but I know enough Asimov books to get his point. How many of us actually have an inventory of the sources we use for our personal method.

That got me to thinking what would happen if I did an A to Z survey of the methods I am using. I did a quick check and I have all the letters of the alphabet covered so far as titles are concerned (except X), but I’ve got a few gaps when it comes to authors (no one starting with Q). This information made me wonder how my sources stack up in other ways. For instance, do I have something that addresses different points along the KAI, or speaks to each part of the MBTI? Are my ideas more toward the high end of the 7 Levels of Change? Where do they fit on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

I don’t know, but I think I need to figure these out. If only 3.4% of the population thinks like I do from an MBTI point of view, I’m not helping anyone else by focusing my efforts on other ENTP’s. But maybe I’m not the best person to be translating my ideas into ISFJ-terms. That’s the other end of the innovation spectrum from where I live.

And that was when another email from Simple Truths caught my eye. I get these once or sometimes twice a day, and several of their books really clicked for me. The one that came today was about turning mediocrity into greatness. As they put it, “how you approach the challenges you face…and how you live your life.”

I’m not going to write so much today. I’m going to suggest you check out the book they were promoting today, and do a little inventory of where you stand. Do you have more “middle class” attributes, or do you have more “world class” characteristics? I haven’t done a total for myself, but I think I’m headed in the right direction. What about you?